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  • Meet PhaseV: An AI-Powered Startup Utilizing Advanced Machine Learning to Combine Clinical Knowledge with Statistical Innovation

Meet PhaseV: An AI-Powered Startup Utilizing Advanced Machine Learning to Combine Clinical Knowledge with Statistical Innovation

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Clinical trials are only one field that is benefiting from the AI revolution. Solutions driven by AI are being developed to aid in the planning, conducting, analyzing, and reporting of clinical trials.

The high cost and lengthy duration of clinical trials is a major obstacle. It can take up to 15 years for a new treatment to make its way from the lab to the market, and the average cost of a clinical study is over $200 million. By automating routine processes and offering insights that would be difficult, if not impossible, to gain without AI, these costs and times can be significantly reduced.

Meet PhaseV: An AI-powered Startup building AI-enhanced tools to make clinical trials more effective. Their system employs causal machine learning to unearth latent signals in clinical data, allowing clinical development teams to make better decisions.

Many difficulties in conducting clinical trials can be overcome with the help of PhaseV's platform.

  • PhaseV's platform can aid in optimizing trial design by facilitating the selection of participants, endpoints, and treatment arms to increase the likelihood of a successful clinical study.

  • PhaseV's technology can evaluate clinical data quickly and correctly, revealing trends and patterns that human analysts may miss.

  • PhaseV's platform offers real-time insights into the development of clinical trials, allowing for more well-informed decisions to be made throughout trial setup and management.

Benefits of PhaseV's Platform

The advantages of using PhaseV's platform for clinical trial sponsors, CROs, and biotech businesses include the following:

  • PhaseV's platform can optimize trial design and analysis, increasing the success rate of clinical trials.

  • By automating tasks and offering insights that can help to avoid costly mistakes, PhaseV's platform can help to lower the expenses of clinical trials.

  • PhaseV's technology can speed up the schedule for clinical trials by giving researchers access to real-time data and automating routine operations.

Round of Funding

Viola Ventures, Exor Ventures, LionBird, and a consortium of notable angel investors provided $15 million in funding to PhaseV in October 2023. The money will be used to develop PhaseV's platform further and make it available to more pharmaceutical, contract research organizations (CRO), and biotechnology firms across Europe and the United States.

The Rest of the Context

Some major pharmaceutical companies worldwide are among the many clinical trial sponsors and CROs using PhaseV's platform. PhaseV collaborates with several universities to study AI's potential use in clinical trials.

Key Takeaways

  • Automating processes, generating insights, and bettering trial design and execution are just a few of how AI is reshaping the clinical trial sector.

  • PhaseV is a firm building AI-enhanced tools to make clinical trials more effective.

  • Increased success rate, decreased expenses, and a shortened schedule are just some of the advantages PhaseV's platform offers to clinical trial sponsors, CROs, and biotech businesses.

  • To develop its platform and increase its reach, PhaseV has recently received $15 million.


PhaseV is a new company using artificial intelligence to change the clinical trial process completely. Using their platform could reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve the overall quality of clinical studies. PhaseV is well-positioned to become a market leader in clinical trials thanks to the backing of its investors and collaborators.

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