Meet Vellum AI : The Dev Platform for Production LLM Apps

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In this newsletter issue and article, we will be discussing this cool AI startup named a developer platform that addresses the challenges of deploying large language model (LLM) applications from prototype to production. The problem many developers face is the complexity that arises when managing changes in production environments for AI-powered features. Vellum's solution simplifies this process with its array of tools.

Cool features of Vellum include:

Side-by-Side Comparison: It allows developers to experiment with different prompts, parameters, and LLM providers to find the optimal configuration for specific use cases

Simple API Interface: Vellum serves as a low-latency, reliable proxy to LLM providers, enabling version-controlled changes to prompts without code alterations.

No-Code LLM Builder: This feature supports the AI adoption curve, helping go from prototype to deployed prompt to optimized model in a streamlined, three-step process.

Tracking and Testing: The platform collects data from model inputs, outputs, and user feedback, creating valuable datasets for testing and validating future changes before they are implemented..

Their platform works with GPT4 and other models.

They recently raised $5M and have initial clients, including Redfin, Vimcal, and Hexagram.

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