Meet E2B: A Startup Developing the Cloud for AI Agents

The Startup E2B is developing the cloud for AI agents and growing fast. A platform and infrastructure where AI agents can act autonomously.

They provide sandboxed cloud environments for AI agents with a single line of code. Pretty neat!

This cloud-based platform allows anyone to easily deploy intelligent agents without managing infrastructure and without risks. The sandbox comes with pre-installed binaries such as RUST, NodeJS, etc..

In the sandbox, you can:

  • Run any code and terminal command in a sandboxed environment

  • Launch a process…even long-running such as a database)

  • Run a shell command

  • Use file system

  • And many other actions

E2B remains agent framework agnostic and aims to provide the best runtime for real-world AI agent deployment with plans to open source components for transparency eventually.

They provide an example of how to build a Custom Code Interpreter with E2B and GPT-4.

We highly recommend you give the platform a try, as it is currently in open beta.