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  • from Silicon to Neurons: the AI Startup making Human and Machine Intelligence collaborate for a future AGI

from Silicon to Neurons: the AI Startup making Human and Machine Intelligence collaborate for a future AGI

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Rapid transformation in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized numerous industries, including healthcare, banking, self-driving vehicles, and face recognition, among many more. The high expense of data and the difficulties of cooperation amongst various AI researchers and engineers are two of the many obstacles that slow down AI progress.

Artificial Intelligence's Data Crisis 

Data availability and affordability pose a significant threat to AI research and development. Collecting and categorizing the massive volumes of data required to train machine learning models can be costly. It is also challenging for engineers and academics to work together on projects due to data silos in many organizations.

Introducing Bagel Network

Meet Bagel Network, which is one decentralized machine learning data network that plans to address these issues. The Bagel Network is a public protocol that allows people and AI bots to work together to create, exchange, and license ML datasets. By establishing a bidirectional marketplace, Bagel Network facilitates data sharing and collaboration between AI agents and machine learning engineers. Researchers and engineers may more easily locate the data they require to train their models on the platform, which enables users to purchase, sell, and access data from several sources.

Benefits of Bagel Network

Machine learning engineers and artificial intelligence agents can both benefit from Bagel Network. The data needed to train engineers' models can be easily and affordably accessed through Bagel Network. The marketplace allows engineers and researchers to share data and ideas, facilitating collaboration easily.

Bagel Network allows AI agents to earn money from their data. AI agents can generate revenue to cover data gathering and storage expenses by selling their data to academics and developers. To top it all off, AI agents can leverage Bagel Network to gain access to data shared by other agents, enhancing their learning and performance.


$3.1 million pre-seed fundraising round


If Bagel Network is successful, it might completely alter the market for and distribution of machine learning data. By building a decentralized marketplace, Bagel Network can help bring down the cost of artificial intelligence development and make it available to everyone.

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Emerging from the shadows of stealth mode, Lior Drihem introduces Prompt Security, a trailblazing startup destined to redefine organizational AI security. Based in the vibrant heart of New York, Prompt Security offers comprehensive protection for all generative AI applications within an organization, safeguarding everything from employee tools to customer-facing apps. This innovative approach ensures businesses can harness the power of AI with confidence, making Prompt Security a pivotal player in the future of AI security.


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