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Meet Tensorfuse + Stealth AI Startup + Some more AI startups mentions..

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Rapid development is taking place in the application of Large language models (LLMs) to technological interactions. These AI-powered systems can do many cool things, including translating languages, producing creative pieces, and answering your questions. Even while LLMs are getting smarter and finding more uses, problems still need fixing. Assessing and enhancing LLMs is a difficult undertaking. The accuracy, efficiency, and relevance of the LLM's text generation capabilities are a few aspects that developers must consider. Developers sometimes need help to keep up with the rapid growth of LLMs because of the time and money required for traditional review methodologies. 

Meet Tensorfuse: A new AI platform to make it easier for developers to test and enhance their LLMs. It provides an extensive set of resources for online and offline assessment. To address these issues, it provides a thorough framework for review and analysis. 

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Tensorfuse: How does it work? 

Token use statistics, user feedback, and latency measurements are examples of real-world production data developers may record using Tensorfuse. Building tailored evaluation datasets is made possible with this data. Afterward, developers may tailor the parameters for evaluating LLM performance to their needs. 

Interactive dashboards from Tensorfuse provide useful visuals for identifying improvement opportunities. Developers may learn a lot about the performance of their LLMs and spot problems by looking at these findings. 

Effortless Offline Assessment 

The offline evaluation features of Tensorfuse let developers build their datasets, automate testing, and deploy LLMs regularly. This allows individuals to try out various prompts, models, and datasets to find what works best. 

Online Assessment that is Both Affordable and Effective 

Fast and affordable preference models are available from Tensorfuse for online evaluations. These models evaluate LLMs in real-world settings to aid developers with finding and fixing problems before they affect users.


 YCombinator backs Tensorfuse.


Developers looking to simplify the assessment and improvement of their huge language models will find Tensorfuse beneficial. The complete testing infrastructure provided by Tensorfuse allows developers to create LLM applications that are more robust, dependable, and user-friendly. 

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Emerging from the shadows of stealth mode, Ye Tu proudly introduces Aliveo AI, a groundbreaking innovation designed to revolutionize how marketing and growth teams interact with their data. Aliveo AI's copilot tool is engineered to provide unparalleled insights and agility, enabling professionals to understand and leverage their data like never before. Based in the United States, Aliveo AI is poised to become a beacon of advancement in the AI-driven business landscape.

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