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Meet Shimmer: A Digital Health Startup with an Innovative AI-Powered Platform tailored for ADHD Coaching

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In this newsletter post, we would like to feature Shimmer. An AI-powered startup is making waves in the digital health arena with its innovative AI-powered platform tailored for ADHD coaching. Recognizing the challenges faced by the 366 million adults living with ADHD globally, Shimmer offers a groundbreaking solution that transcends traditional "pills and skills" approaches.

AI-Driven Approach to ADHD Coaching

Shimmer harnesses the power of AI to provide personalized and affordable ADHD care. Their proprietary assessment, designed specifically for neurodiverse individuals, sets the stage for a non-medical and engaging evaluation experience. The platform's AI-driven accountability loop technology ensures that users stay committed to their goals while strategic video sessions with coaches offer tailored guidance.

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Positive Outcomes and Holistic Well-being

Unlike conventional medical treatments, Shimmer focuses on positive outcomes such as improved quality of life and enhanced well-being. This holistic approach integrates compassion, guidance, and learning, facilitated by both technology and human coaches. The platform's success is evident, with 83% of members reporting better symptom management within just four weeks.

Empowering Coaches and Members Alike

Shimmer's commitment extends beyond its members to its coaches. By handling logistics, customer support, and marketing, Shimmer allows human coaches to concentrate on delivering impactful coaching sessions. Furthermore, the platform provides continuous learning opportunities and community support, aiming to be the top workplace for ADHD coaches.

Rapid Growth and Future Prospects

Since its launch in October 2022, Shimmer has experienced rapid growth, achieving $1 million in annual recurring revenue in under a year. 

Shimmer's unique blend of AI technology and human coaching is not just a service; it's a transformative experience for those managing ADHD. With a promo code “GOOGLE4S” for a nice discount, Shimmer invites individuals with ADHD to discover a new way to enhance their lives.

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