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Meet Intrinsic: Personalized AI for Trust & Safety Workflows

Dear Reader,

In a digital era where online interactions are prevalent, ensuring user safety has become paramount. There is a need to help empower safety teams with the essential tools to prevent abusive behavior on their products proactively. 

In a world where technology connects us, we require secure and respectful online environments. We can achieve this by equipping safety teams with cutting-edge solutions and creating a digital space where users can engage confidently, free from abusive behavior. 

In this newsletter post, we would like to feature Intrinsic. An AI-based startup that helps build safer online spaces with so much ease. One can access the best safety technologies all in one place through a unified API. With the help of this startup, your Trust & Safety team can seamlessly connect policy, product, and enforcement to create cohesive and effective strategies. The best part? It takes just minutes to set up! 

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Benefits of Intrinsic:

  • Versatile AI Content Moderation: Intrinsic is a startup that has developed a fully customizable AI content moderation platform. This means it can adapt to various needs, making it valuable for companies dealing with user-generated and AI-generated content.

  • Target Customers: The platform is primarily designed for social media companies and e-commerce marketplaces. It provides these businesses with the tools to identify and take action against content that violates their policies.

  • Safety Product Integration: Intrinsic focuses on integrating safety features directly into products. It automates tasks such as banning users and flagging content for review, making it easier for trust and safety teams to enforce rules.

  • Legal Compliance Assistance: Intrinsic's adaptable platform helps businesses across sectors. It prevents publishing companies from sharing unintended financial advice, avoiding legal troubles. It also aids marketplaces by detecting and managing listings that are legal in one region but not in another.

  • Time and Resource Efficiency: Intrinsic offers a time-efficient solution. Instead of spending weeks or months on engineering efforts to create new automated detection categories, businesses can leverage Intrinsic's platform for quicker implementation and response.

  • User-Friendly Integration:  Intrinsic emphasizes quick setup, suggesting that customers can get started with the platform in just a few minutes. This user-friendly integration is geared towards making the adoption process smooth for businesses.

Round of Funding

Intrinsic received $3.1 million in a Seed round in December 2023 from Y Combinator, Urban Innovation Fund, Okta, and 645 Ventures. 

Key Takeaways

  • Intrinsic sets itself apart from others because of its explainability and extensive tooling. 

  • Intrinsic is gaining traction, with large, established enterprise customers signing contracts in the six-figure range on average.

  • Near-term plans for Intrinsic involve expanding its team and extending moderation technology beyond text and images to include video and audio.

  • The startup positions itself uniquely in a tech landscape experiencing a broader slowdown, with increasing interest in automation for trust and safety.


Intrinsic stands out by offering a fully customizable AI moderation platform in a digital landscape where nuanced content moderation is crucial. The startup addresses the limitations of off-the-shelf classifiers, emphasizing the time and resource efficiency it brings to trust and safety teams. Intrinsic sets the stage for a safer online experience in just a few minutes, epitomizing innovation and efficiency in content moderation.

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