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Meet GreyParrot + Stealth AI Startup + Some more AI startups mentions...

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly growing, reshaping many markets, including healthcare and banking. Fighting waste is another area where AI is making great strides. Meet Greyparrot, a cool start up using artificial intelligence to solve the worldwide problem of ineffective recycling. 

There is a lot of human error and inefficiency in the current system for sorting recyclables. Since human sorters are limited, many recyclables end up in landfills instead of recycling. This negatively impacts both the environment and precious resources.

The goal of Greyparrot's AI-powered "Analyser Units" mounted on recycling facility conveyor belts is to transform this process completely. The cameras on these devices record the trash as it moves along the conveyor belt. Then, the artificial intelligence system at Greyparrot sorts through all of the photos, sometimes surpassing 95% accuracy in its material identification and categorization. Including the most proficient human sorter, this is beyond their ability. 

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Greyparrot Advantages 

  • Improved Precision: Greyparrot's AI outperforms human capacity, resulting in increased precision in sorting and decreased contamination in recycled materials. 

  • Insights on the waste stream composition are provided in real-time by the system, allowing facility managers to optimize operations and discover chances for improvement. 

  • Efficiency Boost: Greyparrot automates sorting and gives data-driven insights to help facilities streamline operations. 

  • Better reporting and compliance made possible by the acquired data means the recycling process is more open and transparent. 

  • Design for Sustainability: Manufacturers can utilize data insights to create more recyclable items, resulting in a closed-loop waste management system. 

Funding Round

Grayparrot has raised a total funding of US $30.8M.


The groundbreaking method and remarkable outcomes of Greyparrot demonstrate the potential of artificial intelligence in addressing environmental issues. The company's vision for the future is encouraging: turning trash into a resource rather than a liability.

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