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Meet Ellipsis + Stealth AI Startup + Some more AI startups mentions...

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Despite all the innovations and the ever-increasing mountain of code, there is a never-ending battle in the software development industry. The sheer amount of work, complicated bugs, and tedious, repetitive activities may be a drag for developers. Here is where Ellipsis steps in, a code companion driven by AI that aims to revolutionize the programming industry. 

Manual techniques, which are inefficient and prone to mistakes, are used in the conventional coding method. Code reviews, debugging, and writing take up much developer time, leaving little room for innovative problem solutions. By stepping into the role of a mental extension for the developer, Ellipsis, a cool start-up, meets these problems head-on.

This YCombinator-supported start-up boasts smart features that simplify the development workflow. 

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Ellipsis can…

  • Analyze and review code: it examines your code, finds possible errors, suggests optimizations, and explains complicated parts if needed.

  • Put your instructions into code: Ellipsis may save you time and work by generating code snippets or even whole functions based on the functionality you describe.

  • Describe the codebase and address your questions: Confused by a certain line of code? You can use Ellipsis to decipher existing code and navigate complicated logic by analyzing the context and providing insights.


In AI-powered development tools, Ellipsis is a huge step forward. With its intelligent support, code analysis, and automation features, Ellipsis can be a game-changer for developers of all skill levels.

Emerging from the shadows of stealth mode, Felipe Trevisan introduces "maggu," a groundbreaking startup poised to revolutionize the pharmaceutical retail industry with its cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. Based in Brazil, maggu is set to redefine customer service and operational efficiency in the pharmaceutical sector, leveraging AI to deliver unparalleled service and innovation.

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